Frequently Asked Questions

Frank Dominguez

305 East 11th Street
Apartment 1A
NYC NY 10003
Frank Dominguez

Haxhi Haxhaj

310 East 12th Street
Apartment 1A
NYC NY 10003
(646) 391-6103
Haxhi Haxhaj

Idriz Osmanaj

315 West 19th Street
Apartment 2
NYC NY 10011
(917) 331-9147
Idriz Osmanaj

How do I contact my Superintendent?

What are the approved hours for moving in or out?

Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm

What type of insurance does my moving company need to supply?

Select an address to download instructions

I have a maintenance request. Who should I contact?

Contact your building Super directly. Your building Super's telephone number is located at the entrance to the building. It is a good idea to store this number in your mobile phone. In the event that your Super is unavailable, contact Emor Management at 212 727-8208 or via email at

Can I pay my rent online?

Tenant Web Access

In the event of damage to my personal property. Who is responsible?

We strongly encourage all tenants to purchase renter's insurance. In the majority of instances the Landlord is not responsible for damage or loss to your personal property.

I am not renewing my lease. Who should I contact?

Contact Emor Management at 212 727-8208 or

I have not received my lease renewal?

Lease renewals are mailed out approximately 90 days prior the lease expiration. If your lease renewal is overdue, please contact us at 212 727-8208 or

Can I make any alterations to my apartment?

No alterations may be made to your apartment without the prior written consent of the landlord.

Can I use my security deposit for last month's rent?

No, your security deposit will be returned to you in accordance with the stipulations found in your lease. Please provide Emor Management with your new forwarding address.